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Our history

«Biocard Logistics» Ltd. (BIOCARD) – full cycled logistic company.

We have been working in the clinical research market for over 30 years and have been providing a full range of logistic services: customs clearance, courier delivery, warehousing services, placement in a warehouse and thermal packaging. Thanks to us, more and more people are gaining access to the most modern and effective development of affordable medicine. BIOCARD provides 25% of all clinical research in the Russian Federation. We are proud to have created a service that has no analogues in the market.
8 out of 10 top pharmaceutical companies have chosen BIOCARD. Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk and Zoetis consider BIOCARD absolute experts in temperature transportation. Representative offices are located in Russia, America, Europe and Asia.
BIOCARD is an absolute expert in the field of urgent delivery of temperature loads.

Our achievements:

• Over these 30 years of the company, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of goods.
In the last 4 years “Biocard Logistics” has shipped more than 70 thousand containers. All orders are completed on time and without any temperature violations.
• “Biocard Logistics” has equipped storage facilities and its own fleet.
Experienced delivery drivers are trained to work with thermolabile cargo and are ready for any emergency situation.
• Since 2013 our company is a licensed customs broker.
We are faster than competitors go through any customs procedures and arrange any documentation.
• We are absolutely open to customers and partners, our activities are completely transparent.
With the help of a personal account developed by the company and a mobile application, our Clients can track the entire delivery process in real time.
• We produce our own thermoboxes SAFEPACK – an innovative development of our company.
We regularly test our products for durability and temperature control. Our best solutions are able to maintain the set temperature for more than 10 days.
• We are trusted by the leading pharmaceutical companies of the world, public and private medical clinics, cryobanks and laboratories.
Our Clients include Stada, NovoNordisk, Pfizer, Bayer, Astellas and many others.

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