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Completed Audits

BIOCARD successfully passed and continues to be audited by the leading Russian and European companies, as well as Russian regulatory authorities.
A comprehensive audit allows to improve the quality of provided services, receive independent evaluation of the current state of affairs, select the strategy of development, maintain professionalism of the company’s employees, its growth and development.
The conducted audits also allow to find “bottlenecks” in the logistics system, find methods of their expansion and achievement of the goals set.
The audit of warehousing logistics allows to receive an objective opinion and optimize the processes of acceptance, storage, shipment and accounting system.
Audit of transportation is aimed at the analysis of possible customer complaints, evaluation of service parameters, control over performance of contractual obligations, detection of weak places, optimization of itineraries, diagnostics of the state of transport staff.

Below you can see the audits passed by BIOCARD.

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