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Cross-docking, conducted by BIOCARD, has a number of advantages which allowed to make this service one of the most demanded.
Unlike usual standard solutions, after cargo arrives to the customs terminal according to our scenario, it is not stored at the warehouse for several days but is sent for customs clearance procedures at once. Cargo processing at the customs office does not take more than 24 hours.
After that, the cargo is delivered to BIOCARD warehouse where it is packed into thermoboxes and sent to the recipient.
The well-arranged system of work and elaborated cargo movement chain allow to save up to 30% from the cost of delivery and considerably reduce the time, which is appreciated by the company clients.
The cargo is sent to the recipient 3-5 times faster if you use our services!
Upon your request, we are ready to develop an individual solution on a turnkey basis, provide detailed consultation and suggest optimal ways of solving the problem.


• 4PL logistic operator. Turnkey solutions, a full range of logistic services
• We work with small-batch shipments in SafePack thermoboxes
• Our thermal package preserves the set temperature for up to 240 hours
• Responsible storage of temperature-sensitive cargo
• Delivery within Russia in 24 hours!
• 24 hours for cargo approval, cargo processing at the customs office for less than 24 hours.
• Cargo processing at the warehouse for less than 4 hours.
• 99.9% of deliveries are on time and without violations.

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