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Biomaterial Transportation

BIOCARD provides medical delivery services in compliance with the temperature regime and the provision of the necessary export or import licenses.

We guarantee the safety and prompt delivery of any type of biological material with the ability to online track the sending process all the way to the final recipient.

The accuracy of clinical studies directly depend on the correct biomaterials storage and transportation procedures.

Our warehouses are equipped with everything necessary to maintain the preset storage parameters for biomaterialsm, and comply with all norms of Russian and international legislation.

The thermal packaging developed by BIOCARD specialists guarantees the safety of the cargo. Our thermal containers maintain the desired temperature up to 10 days! We will select an individual packaging solution for you, depending on the terms of delivery.

Why Biocard?

  • Proper storage under the supervision of experienced personnel;
  • Special equipment for storage and transportation in specified temperature conditions;
  • Temperature control system;
  • Online tracking of cargo movement;
  • Delivery of biomaterials under different temperature conditions: +15 .. +25 °C, +2 .. +8 °C, -20 °C, -70 °C, -2 .. +5 °C;
  • Provision of necessary licenses for exportation and importation, customs clearance support;
  • Warehouses for proper storage of biomaterials.
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