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Cold Chain Transportation

“Cold Chain” is an organized system of measures to maintain a specified temperature of storage and transportation of medical products and thermo-dependent products from the manufacturing stage, to their receipt by the consumer.

Violation of the “Cold chain” leads to the products’ loss of their medicinal properties, and vaccines of their immunogenic activity. The lost properties cannot be restored if the drugs are returned to the required permissible temperature regime.

Proper storage and transportation of medicines are vital!

All manufacturing plants, pharmacies, clinics, health workers, and logistics companies must support “cold chain”.

We have dropped intermediary services: we use our own vehicle fleet and optimized delivery routes that allow us to remove the risks of breaking the cold chain.
We guarantee the preservation of the right temperature and the preservation of the “cold chain” regardless of the time of year and the point of delivery.
BIOCARD employees have all the necessary professional skills and capabilities for the organization and effective operation of the cold chain:

Why Biocard?

  • In recent years, we have sold more than 200 000 shipments of temperature sensitive cargo without any violations.
  • Trained and experienced staff;
  • Availability of quality equipment;
  • A well-established temperature control system;
  • Storage in warehouses with temperature sensors, providing control over maintaining the temperature of the cold chain;
  • Transportation using special thermal containers that maintain preset temperature for up to 10 days;
  • Assistance in preparing all necessary documentation.
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