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Named Patient Program

Import of unregistered drugs of vital importance to Russia for any specific patient is provided for by CIS regulations. If the drug is well established abroad, but not yet registered in Russia, it is possible to deliver it. It is extremely difficult to go through all formal procedures for obtaining the necessary drug independently. The conclusion of a consultation of doctors is only the first stage for obtaining a cherished medication. The import of unregistered drugs requires the approval of the Ministry of Health. For this purpose, the federal health facility must file a package of documents. BIOCARD ensures a full cycle of services for ordering and importing drugs of vital importance for specific patients.

We are ready to follow all the steps to organize the importation of the drugs of vital importance: from filing license and obtaining a permit for the import of unregistered drugs, to procurement and timely delivery.

Importation of unregistered medicines can be carried out by express delivery – in a short time by any means of transportation.

Why Biocard?

  • The full cycle of services for ordering and importing drugs of vital importance;
  • Submission of licenses;
  • Obtaining permits for import of unregistered drugs;
  • Work with thermolabile goods;
  • Possibility of urgent delivery.
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