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Reagents and Reference samples

To conduct examinations of medicines (for state registration of the drug or pharmaceutical expertise), BIOCARD provides services for the delivery of standard samples and high-quality reagents.

Our specialists will assume all the responsibilities for the import, storage and delivery of the substances you need.

There are warehouses at your disposal with thermal sensors, providing control over the maintenance of the desired temperature. Transportation is carried out with the use of special thermal containers capable of maintaining the set temperature for 10 days.

Help in preparing the necessary documentation – one of the most popular services among our customers. We’ll take all the formalities on ourselves!
Prompt solution of logistics tasks and optimization of procurement processes by BIOCARD company allow to shorten the terms from registration before the start of sale of medicines!

Why Biocard?

  • Fast delivery time;
  • Procurement by specified parameters;
  • Packaging of materials with strict adherence to the “cold chain” procedure;
  • Storage in accordance with temperature requirements;
  • Obtaining all necessary permits.
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