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Warehouse management

BIOCARD is one of the first organizations in Russia to start providing storage services for clinical trials. We cooperate with almost all major pharmaceutical companies in the world: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, Sanofi, AstraZeneca …

During our cooperation we gained invaluable experience, which allowed us to organize the warehouse space ideally.

BIOCARD modern logistics complex provides optimal conditions for storage of products and timely processing of our clients’ cargo. Threats of penetration, spoilage of the goods due to environment conditions (moisture, sun, etc.) are completely excluded.

At least two pharmacists work on each site.

All our premises have pharmaceutical licenses, comply with the norms of the Russian and international legislation, are equipped with fire suppression systems, video cameras, guard posts, motion sensors, leak detectors, security alarms, smoke detectors and central control of temperature and humidity. All information is available to customers for any period within a few minutes.

BIOCARD operates within the framework of Russian and international law, in compliance with all GXP standards. You can see everything for yourself by accessing the online broadcast from our warehouse through your personal account.

Why Biocard?

  • More than 5000 sq. m of validated storage space;
  • Online broadcast from the warehouse for customers;
  • Centralized temperature and humidity control;
  • Various temperature modes;
  • Storage of thermolabile and non-thermolabile goods;
  • Insurance of all goods.
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