Термоконтейнеры и хладоэлементы Safepack


No transportation of thermolabile goods is possible without the use of thermo-containers. Safepack thermal containers developed by BIOCARD, have been validated and registered as a medical product. They keep the set temperature of the cargo up to 10 days.

Thermal Containers

Cooling Elements

Temperature Sensors

Control over humidity and temperature is carried out with the help of smart recorders – temperature sensors. They monitor the conditions of transportation and transfer these data to customers.

BIOCARD is developing a cutting-edge sensor SafePack SMART, which will be a single unit with a thermobox, so that our customers will be able to track the entire delivery process in real time and check the mode of transportation.

Thus, we guarantee transparent and high quality services. Customers can be sure that transportation of thermolabile cargo is carried out according to all norms and without temperature regime violations.

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