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The mission and values of the company

The BIOCARD mission is to create the most efficient logistics company, a leader in the promptness and reliability of providing a full range of logistics services.
Day by day, thanks to our work, the world is getting better: we save and improve the patients’ life quality, more people gain access to the up-to-date and efficient developments.
We love what we do.

The BIOCARD values include the application of the up-to-date and efficient solutions, the increase in the operating efficiency, the reduction of expenses due to automation, the work for reasons of conscience, the dedication.

Our principles:

Customer-oriented approach.

The focus of each our service is the Customer and the solution of the specific problems thereof. We know what life our Customers live, we are able to put ourselves in their place and constantly improve our work, keeping in mind the actual grounds and needs of our Customers.


We work not for the sake of the process, but to achieve the specific purposes aimed at the development of our company and our Customers’ business. We are equipped to tackle complex challenges, setting challenging tasks.


We are effective in everything we do. We permanently improve the results and reduce the costs, achieving the best solutions. We provide services to the customers, focusing on the core of the service, in view of the benefits of the outcome. Our operating profitability is above the average.

Integrity and transparency.

Fair dealing earns confidence. The company’s reputation depends not only on the consumer properties of the goods and the business worth, but also on the human, civil qualities of our employees.

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