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Temperature Data Loggers

To measure and monitor the temperature inside the thermal container, as well as the temperature at which the cargo is transported, temperature recorders (thermal indicators, thermal loggers) are used.

Thermal logger consists of a housing and an integrated (or remote) sensor that captures the temperature changes inside. All the information can be read from the housing display or by connecting the device to the computer (in the form of graphs and charts).

We use thermal loggers ITAG®3 Pro, LIBERO Ti1-L, TempTale®4 USB and others.

Thermal logger is a reusable L-electronic data registrator (logger). It fixes the changes when storing and transporting the goods and displays the report in the form of a graphic plot in PDF file format. It does not require the use of specific software. Temperature measuring range is from -35 °C to +70 °C.

Thermal logger TempTale 4 USB is an electronic disposable data logger with USB interface. It creates a report on temperature fluctuations during storage and transportation of goods in PDF format. It does not require the installation of special software or a reading device on the computer. It creates an encrypted data file (in .ttx format) that is compatible with the desktop system TempTale Manager and ColdStream. Temperature measuring range is from -30 °C to +70 °C.
Thermal logger RD-ITAG3 PRO is a temperature recorder designed for single use. It has a bank card-size format and weighs about 16 g. The device records in memory the ambient temperature data and generates a report in PDF format. The client can check the mode of transportation by connecting the sensor to the computer via the built-in USB connector. Temperature measuring range is from -30 °C to +70 °C.

The new unique development of SafePack Smart Sensor is a sensor that records GPS parameters, temperature, humidity, light, impact, box position and transfers all these data to a single information center, the customer’s personal cabinet.

Already now, we are starting to collect data from more than 5 sensors (location, temperature, humidity, impact, light sensor – opened containers or not, accelerometer, gyro – capacitance position).

In the nearest future our Clients will be able to see the data from the sensors for each delivery – where the cargo is, what temperature is in it, whether the package was opened. All data history will be saved. The data will be impossible to forge, as they will be copied to the blockchain. We not only just guarantee customer compliance with terms of delivery, we provide access to the database, which will be confirmed by the resource on the complexity of the encryption higher than any Central Bank in the world.

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