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Thermal containers

BIOCARD is the developer and manufacturer of some of the best thermal packs in the world. Our boxes with phase-change materials reliably protect against external factors: even at a constant outside temperature of -20 °C or +30 °C, they will maintain the necessary temperature range for more than 10 days.
The guarantee of transportation temperature is prescribed in the contract!

SafePack thermal containers have been validated and registered as a medical device. They are prepared by company specialists who are trained and know all the nuances of transportation of thermolabile cargo.

SafePack is often the only way of delivery in compliance with the temperature regime in our country.

We provide inner boxes for packaging products. You just need to pack the products in our inner box and call the BIOCARD courier.

Thermal containers differ in their characteristics – from the most simple and inexpensive models to hi-end solutions. Depending on the terms of delivery, we are ready to develop an individual package offer for you.

The testing of the packaging in the validation chambers of the company allows customers to ensure the safety of their cargo during transportation. A thermal container with the drug provided by you is placed in the climatic chamber. The necessary parameters for testing (the temperature range inside the climatic chamber is from minus 50 °С to plus 70 °С). Within a given time, the sensors within the container record all changes in the temperature readings. Based on the test results, we compile and transmit to you the validation reports. Based on these tests, you can calculate the time of transportation of your cargo and choose the optimal configuration of containers with cold cells.

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