Logistics services




We organize a take-off, prompt delivery and tracking of cargo in Russia in just 24 hours, and around the world in 48 hours! We work with the most common types of cargo: temperature-sensitive, dangerous, prefabricated, veterinary, phytosanitary. And we send them to any point of the planet with any weather conditions without temperature regime violations! Parameters are monitored using smart sensors (temperature, humidity, opening, location).

We guarantee the observance of the temperature regime or the delivery will be made at our expense!
Our online calculator will help you determine the shipping cost. Use the special form. Enter the city of departure and city of delivery.
We carry out delivery of any cargo without any restrictions on weight.



BIOCARD has its own vehicle fleet and a staff of experienced drivers-freight forwarders, trained to work with various types of cargo, including thermolabile one.

Freight logistics is under the control of the Client. With the help of a personal cabinet developed by the company, our Clients can monitor the entire delivery process in real time.



We offer you a full range of services for international cargo transportation. We are ready to carry out customs clearance in any region of Russia as well as outside the country, we will complete all necessary documentation in less than a day.


BIOCARD actively increases the volume of the international transport expedition. We receive requests for international transportation of various goods from anywhere in the world to and from Russia.

Our own fleet of vehicles, a staff of experienced drivers-freight forwarders, trained to work with different types of cargo, an established system of customs clearance – all this makes it possible to reduce the time of work with the goods – we organize a take off and a prompt delivery around the world in 48 hours!


We guarantee the preservation of the right temperature and the preservation of the “cold chain” regardless of the time of year and the point of delivery.


BIOCARD provides medical delivery services in compliance with the temperature regime and the provision of the necessary export or import licenses.

We guarantee the safety and prompt delivery of any type of biological material with the ability to online track the sending process all the way to the final recipient.