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Clinical trials are the most important phase when starting the production of new medicines, and then launching into the consumer market. This is a complex and time-consuming process consisting of a set of scientific studies for the development of new drugs and assessing their effect on health, human life, and activities. Any new medical substance is subject to numerous clinical trials on a mandatory basis before it is released to a patient. Clinical trials are all scientific studies that are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of all components of a new drug that will be introduced into the pharmaceutical market. Within such clinical trials, BIOCARD organizes a smooth logistic system for supplies of required biological materials and components, as well as safe custody maintaining temperature conditions using own warehouse complexes.

Before clinical trials in human beings, preliminary studies are always conducted, which include testing substances on special animals. The development of a new medical product always comprises several consecutive stages of clinical trials, aiming at studying the effect of all components on the human body and evaluating the overall efficacy. Most commonly, only one new drug out of ten passes all the required stages of trials and is released to the pharmaceutical market. BIOCARD holds pharmaceutical, veterinary, and other licenses and offers additional repackaging, re-labeling, and storage of pharmaceutical components and intermediate products used during all stages of clinical trials.

All the logistics processes rendered by the BIOCARD Company within the framework of clinical trials are carried out by a team of professionals having extensive experience. High-quality organization of the range of works to support clinical trials requires well-coordinated work of several teams responsible for international coordination, and local teams in several countries, which allows us to effectively organize clinical trials around the world. The effective organization of the international pharmaceutical product development plays a key role in making the scientific image of the developer and allows new innovative medicines that will meet all human needs to quickly enter the market. BIOCARD has been involved in international coordination for many years and assists in obtaining all the necessary documents, certificates, and permits from copyright holders.

In order to create the pharmaceuticals to the best advantage of future patients, BIOCARD strives to provide the most comprehensive range of services for the purchase of necessary reference substances, and also organizes the return and disposal of materials after the completion of all required stages of clinical trials.

BIOCARD provides services for procurement of permits, labeling, and re-labeling of medicines. We will take on the task of purchase of comparators, make a return, recall, and disposal of clinical research materials. You can entrust us with obtaining permits for conducting clinical studies, registration of dietary supplements, and medicines, securing local approvals for phytosanitary control and much more! Extensive experience allows us to provide necessary services for clients to the highest standard, and in a short term. Humidity and temperature are controlled by smart thermal sensors. Technology allows us to monitor the cargoes’ condition in transit and transmits data to clients. BIOCARD is developing an innovative SafePack SMART sensor, which will be integrated with the insulated containers, and our customers will be able to track the entire delivery process in real-time and check the cargo temperature in transit. We guarantee transparent and high-quality services. Clients can feel certain that the transportation of thermolabile products is performed according to all standards and with the maintenance of the thermal stability.

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