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BIOCARD has developed a unique new-technology SafePack SmartSensor, which will be integrated with insulated box, using it our clients will be able to track the entire delivery process in real-time and check the temperature in transit.  SmartSensor is a smart temperature-sensitive element of the new generation, equipped with a microchip under Bluetooth BLE technology, developed and manufactured in Russia specifically for the transportation of vaccines. Product designation: monitoring and control of temperature in insulated containers or refrigerator trucks while in the shipment of thermolabile medicines and medical products.

Specifications and features of SmartSensor

  • Remote temperature control without opening an insulated container, that allows keeping a “cold chain” at all stages of multimodal transportation;

  • Read range up to 150 meters;

  • Operates at super-cold temperatures;

  • Temperature data log is stored for 2 months;

  • Designed to be enclosed in impact-resistant, cast, moisture-and dust-protected IP64 housing;

  • Service life is up to 2 years;

  • Operates using the mobile app

  • The temperature measurement range inside a container is from - 55°C to + 85°C

The electronic reusable thermal indicator is used for monitoring and control of the temperature in insulated containers or refrigerator trucks during the transportation of thermolabile medicines and medical products, such as: vaccines (MIBPs), detoxified bacterial products, bacteriophages, eubiotics, immunoglobulins, serums; blood and its components, donor organs, tissues and implants, thermolabile medicines. Fully meet the requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological rules of SR

Currently, BIOCARD is actively using SmartSensor®. It can be integrated into the SafePack insulated container and form a coherent whole solution – a "smart" container.

With the benefits of this technology, clients can monitor the entire delivery process in real-time in personal accounts and check the temperature and other parameters of cargo in transit.


Our customers can track sensor data for each shipment: where the cargo is located, what temperature it has, whether the package was opened. The data log will be saved. The data cannot be forged as they are backed up in the blockchain. We guarantee our clients compliance with the terms of delivery, we also give access to the database that is authenticated by a resource with a higher encryption complexity than in any central bank in the world.


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