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BIOCARD's Unique Thermal Packaging Solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in medical logistics and courier services, BIOCARD has established itself as a leader in the industry. We have successfully completed more than 500,000 temperature-sensitive deliveries with less than a 0.35% quality deviation rate. Our extensive client base includes seven of the top ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, solidifying our position as the number one medical courier and thermal packaging producer in Russia and CIS countries.

Our SafePack Ecosystem: Revolutionizing Temperature-Controlled Shipments

BIOCARD's SafePack Ecosystem is a comprehensive solution that combines state-of-the-art thermal packaging with cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled temperature control and protection for your shipments. The ecosystem includes a range of thermal packaging solutions suitable for various temperature ranges, such as +2..+8°C, +15..+25°C, -20°C, and -70°C. Our containers are perfect for use in extreme weather conditions, providing peace of mind for pharmaceutical and food retail industries.

Customizable, Affordable, and Efficient.

Our thermal packaging solutions are designed to be easy to use, fast to pack, and affordable without compromising on durability or performance. Available in sizes from 2 liters to pallet-sized shippers, SafePack containers are made of plastic or carton, PPU foam, and phase change materials (PCMs) with organic oils and alkanes. Our PCM solutions outperform water-based thermal elements by 3-4 times on average, making them some of the best in class.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust.     

Our thermal packaging solutions have been used extensively for various high-profile applications, such as the transportation of 90% of all Covid vaccines in Russia without temperature excursions. We have managed to achieve a price of less than 10 cents per dose of vaccine, making our solutions roughly 10 times cheaper than the average price.

Smart Sensors and Advanced Technology.

SafePack's smart sensors are an integral part of the ecosystem, using BLE technology to send information up to 150 meters from the packaging. This allows for seamless temperature monitoring without having to open the containers at every stage of the delivery process. Our sensors record data for two months and can track temperature, battery, signal, motion, and light, ensuring the safety and integrity of your shipment throughout the entire process.

User-Friendly Mobile Apps and Integrations.

With web, iOS, and Android apps, our SafePack ecosystem is easy to deploy and customize, making it the perfect solution for clients who require seamless temperature control and monitoring. We also offer the possibility for integration with TMS and WMS systems through APIs, providing a comprehensive and reliable solution for temperature-sensitive shipments.

Choose BIOCARD for Unmatched Thermal Packaging Solutions.

BIOCARD's thermal packaging solutions are designed to offer the highest level of protection and temperature control for your shipments. Our experience, expertise, and commitment to quality make us the top choice for clients who need reliable and cost-effective solutions for their temperature-sensitive shipments. Trust BIOCARD to provide the best thermal packaging solutions to safeguard your valuable cargo.

The Importance of Thermal Boxes for Cold Chain Solutions.

Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products is crucial in various industries, particularly in pharmaceutical, medical, and food sectors. Ensuring end-to-end cold chain solutions is vital for the safe and effective transportation of these goods. SafePack thermal boxes offer a reliable and efficient solution for preserving the required temperature range throughout the entire shipping process.

Versatile and Cost-effective Shipping Solution.

One of the key advantages of using SafePack thermal containers is their ability to accommodate different temperature regimes within a single truck or vehicle. This flexibility allows multiple temperature-sensitive shipments to be transported together without the need for additional refrigerated vehicles, making it a more cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses.

Combining Different Cargo in One Truck.

SafePack thermal containers enable logistics providers to combine various temperature-sensitive products in a single truck, optimizing the use of available space and resources. This capability not only simplifies the shipping process but also reduces the overall transportation costs and carbon footprint.

Guaranteed End-to-End Cold Chain Solutions.

SafePack thermal boxes are designed to maintain the required temperature range for extended periods, ensuring the quality and efficacy of the products being transported. By using these containers, businesses can guarantee end-to-end cold chain solutions, which is essential for the safe delivery of temperature-sensitive goods like vaccines, medications, and perishable food items.

In summary, SafePack thermal boxes offer a versatile and efficient solution for maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products during transportation. By allowing different temperature regimes to be combined in a single truck, these containers provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to shipping temperature-sensitive goods. With SafePack, businesses can ensure end-to-end cold chain solutions and guarantee the safe and effective delivery of their products.

We produce 2 types of SafePack insulated containers:
  • Of polystyrene foam (styrofoam) and are intended for single use.
  • Of foamed polyurethane and designed for multiple use.

For the convenience of transportation, various external packings are available: a corrugated box (cardboard box), a bag, or a polycarbonate package.

  • The required temperatures are maintained for up to 240 hours;
  • A wide range of products to meet any needs;
  • Guarantee of the temperature stability during transportation specified by contract;
  • Providing the clients with inner containers of multiple dimensions for packaging products.

The basic temperature ranges provided during transportation:

  • +15..+25 °C;
  • +2..+ 8 °C;
  • -25..-15 °C;
  • -70 °C.

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The first-of-a-kind unique containers for medical use tested in a validation chamber independently maintain various temperatures. Insulated containers of phase-changeable materials will protect your cargo from environmental factors: even at a constant external temperature of – 20°C or +30°C SafePack will maintain the required temperature range for more than 10 days. The temperature stability of your cargo during the transportation is guaranteed and specified by contract!

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